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Dec 15,

Yes to Carrots Pampering Hand & Nail Spa

I bought this ages ago when I was in the States and as you can probably see from the ruffled edges of the label it’s been festering in the shower for months. I’ve been using it but I just haven’t got round to reviewing it so may I have your attention please!

Yes to Carrots makes many a fine product including bath & body stuff, skincare, haircare, and some nifty lip goodies too. I’ve reviewed the Y2C shower gel and face mask previously – I liked the shower gel but my face hated the face mask. It was my fault though for using a dry skin product on my oilier than oily skin.

The Pampering Hand & Spa is made up of lots of nourishing oils including Carrot Seed, Olive, Sweet Almond, and Jojoba. The scrubby bits are Dead Sea Salts but they are smaller even sized grains so they don’t scratch but do deliver excellent exfoliation. This hand scrub is quite oil heavy and you need to mix it up every time you use or else you will end up with a handful of oil rather than oily scrub.

You probably can’t tell from the photo above but most the scrub was running down my hand when I took the picture so using it can be a rather messy affair which is why you need to be near a sink or shower. I’ve also used it on my feet with great results however you need to be extra careful as the oils are not water soluble. You will create a slippery death trap if you use this on your feet while standing up. I sit on the edge of the bath or in a chair and dangle my feet in the tub to use it, rinse and blot them with a towel. The oils feel really nice on my toe cuticles and heels. If you have really dry scaly hooves this will definitely feel much better than going at them with a pumice stone.

The only thing I really don’t like about this is the smell. I had the same issue with the shower gel. I think the combination of oils that are used create a scent that Jamie described to be like talcum powder. If you aren’t bothered about your feet smelling like a baby’s bum then this is currently available at Victoria Health for £12.99, which also sells the Yes to Tomatoes range.

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