Yes To Carrots Review | Exfoliating & Soothing Mud Mask

I tried to say Yes To Carrots but my face said No! No! No!

If you read my Y2K shower gel post the other day you’ll see that I was quite happy with it. I was really looking forward to using the Y2K Exfoliating & Soothing Mud Mask as well. I love the packaging and the little additional lid that covers the mask. What I wasn’t so keen on is the smell. I had the same issue with the shower gel and I’d like point out that this is a preference thing only and not that it actually smells bad. The mask is quite thick but it does spread easily so you don’t have to use much. I left this on for a little over five minutes but not longer than 10. I then had the fun task of taking it off. I needed to use a wet wash cloth to shift it and once I got all the residue off my skin it did feel smoother.

Jump to the next morning and my face was bumpy, red and not at all happy. I usually expect a few new spots after a mud mask as it draws the impurities from your skin but these were like big red welts. This completely aggravated my complexion. I’m not however going to rubbish this mask. I think it’s my own fault for buying it in the first place. It says it’s for Dry to Sensitive Skin and although my skin can be sensitive it is never dry. I have quite oily skin so I think this product wasn’t meant for me. Doh!

I’ve read other reviews for this mask and they have been mostly positive so I am going to put this down to me not paying attention to what I was buying. I think the Yes To Tomatoes range is more for my skin type.

This is available at Bath & Unwind!


  1. Ouch! Sounds like your allergic to something in it. Completely not your fault. Sometimes skin just reacts that way! On to the next mask!


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