Yes To Blueberries Skincare update

Yes To Blueberries Skincare update

by on February 17, 2017 · 5 comments

I wasn’t going to do this post on this for another two months but I decided to throw in the towel early and for good reason. I was so excited when Yes To came out with a blueberries anti-ageing range that I couldn’t wait for it to come to the UK and ordered it from the Yes To website and had my mom send it over. I started using it the week between Christmas and New Year even though I got it a few weeks before that, I really wanted to finish the Avene moisturiser I was using first.

Daily Repairing Moisturiser (left) – The first thing I noticed about this was the texture. It’s not like a lotion but more like a creamy gel. I should have known this was going to spell trouble straight away but I didn’t want to dismiss it before I tried it seeing as I went through so much trouble to get it. I do get blotchy red skin sometimes and whatever is in this just seemed to make it worse. It didn’t feel like it sank into my skin when I put it on it just sat on top of it. I also started using my Clarisonic Plus a few weeks after Christmas and at first I thought my Clarisonic was irrirtating my face which would have been the obvious assumption. I stopped using it and continued with the moisturiser and my skin did not improve. Since I’ve stopped using the YTB I’ve resumed with my Clarisonic and my skin is fine.

Eye Firming Treatment (right) – The texture of the eye cream is like a lotion so it went on okay but this has dried out my eye area over the time I used it. The website says this will make the eye area firmer and reduce fine lines in 28 days. For me it just made the area around the sides of my eyes dry and flaky.

I wanted to give Yes To skincare one last try as I bought a Yes To Tomatoes travel set from Bath & Unwind for £5 in the January sales. This set comes with face cream, face mask, and shampoo and conditioner. The Yes To Tomatoes range is for oily skin so I thought if this doesn’t work nothing in the Yes To skincare range will. I used the moisturiser for a week and I couldn’t stand it. The texture again was like a gel cream and it made my skin blotchy.

I’ve reached the conclusion that Yes To products are not for me. I’ve tried the Yes To Carrots mask which left me with red welts, the Yes To Carrots shower gel and Pampering Hand Spa were okay but I didn’t like the smell. And now with the Yes To Blueberries and Tomatoes making my skin unhappy I’m just going to give up. Clearly there is something in Yes To that my face and body do not agree with. It’s a shame really because I like that they use fruit and vegetables as a base for their products and everything is paraben free.

Does this mean I get to go shopping for more skincare? *Jamie faints*

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February 17, 2017 at 11:41 pm

Such a shame that none of the products have seemed to agree with you! Only tried the Yes to Tomatoes range so far and really liked it.

Also thanks soooooooo much for the e-mail – very lovely of you!

Fee x

PS. Maybe you should try giving Origins a try…heard lots of good things.


February 18, 2017 at 7:33 am

No problem Fee your goodies will be posted today! Origins you say………I may have a nosey at HoF at lunchtime thanks x


Gloss Boudoir
February 18, 2017 at 2:47 pm

Wow! I’d really love to be able to try all these fruity products. They look amazing


February 21, 2017 at 8:46 pm

Hey Adriana – next time you go to Target in the US you should be able to find the Yes To ranges!

A x


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