Where’s my Shamrock Shake

Where’s my Shamrock Shake???

Whilst everyone is out at the pub tonite ‘celebrating’ St. Patrick’s Day I shall be in mourning and quietly contemplating about a mythical McDonald’s beverage from my childhood. The Shamrock Shake is one of those things that children of the 70′s in the USA will remember fondly. They were also available in the 8o’s but I think it was hit and miss depending which state you lived in.

There has been many a debate about this cult beverage as to whether it actually tasted of mint or was just a vanilla shake with green dye. I remember it being minty but the last time I had one was probably 1986 so I’m not a reliable source. The Shamrock Shake is still available at selected Mikey D’s around the US and there is an entire website devoted to sightings www.shamrockshake.com. If I were back in Tennessee though I’d be disappointed, someone has already called 13 McDonald’s in the Nashville area and has been told the beloved green shakes aren’t available.

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  1. Faezah says:

    My friend was born on St Patricks day. Each bday she’ll crave for St patt cakes.. lols.

  2. cheli says:

    they are available all over my county in California but I personally have never tried it.

  3. says:

    @Faezah – Green food is always a must on St. Patricks Day – You should make her some green cupcakes to celebrate her birthday.

    @Cheli – You’ve got to try it, just so you can say that you’ve had the legendary Shake!

    Thanks for stopping by ladies xoxo

  4. Sultry Red says:

    Patricks day is the must for birthdays to fall on.. i.e mine :D :D:D

    havent got a green cake though… mines pink

  5. Considering that’s from Macdonalds, it actually looks and sounds pretty delicious, must be the green colour and minty taste lol! x

  6. says:

    @Sultry Red Happy Birthday Gorgeous!

    @Peonies and lilies It does taste wonderful….well from what I remember!

    Thanks for your comments beauty chicks x

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