When is a blog no longer a blog?

When is a blog no longer a blog?

It’s time for the Cosmopolitan blogger awards again and I was wondering what actually qualifies as a blog these days. It may seem like a silly question but when competitions like this crop up I have to question if it’s a level playing field. I know last year there was a lot of upset between new and established beauty bloggers for the Cosmo awards, but they listened to the complaints and now there are different categories for each which appears to be more fair. However when I see the category of best e-tailer or brand blog I find it hard to imagine that they pour their heart and soul into every post the way my fellow beauty bloggers do.

*This is not an actual picture of FabSugar UK employees

I’ve also noticed this anomaly on Wikio’s ranking system. Some of the top twenty bloggers are probably ones you are familiar with who I read on a regular basis: British Beauty Blogger, Beauty’s Bad Habit, and Lady of the Lane. One of my favourite bloggers Modesty Brown is in the top ten, right up with there with……umm FabSugar UK? How can this be possible? FabSugar UK is part of a larger network Sugar Inc who has 190 employees. Modesty Brown aka Jane is a hardworking married mum of three who manages to update her blog frequently and look great while doing it too. I think when you to start to have a mutiple author website it is no longer a blog – it’s an online magazine. And I’m not talking about some of you out there who share the writing with your sister, best friend or significant other. I’m talking about an entire team who are paid to write. I don’t have a problem with blog contests or rankings but I don’t think they paint a true picture of the hard work that individuals put into their blogs on a regular basis.

I’d love to know what you think if you’re blogger or not!

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  1. i was just thinking about this too……I was thinking a lot about blogging, how it seems you had to have been in it for 3+ years and super focused or else you won’t have a thriving beauty blog sometimes…..how mainly the super skinny rich girls running fashion blogs get all of the attention only just like in the magazine field…..just thinking thinking about the blogosphere…good post.

    • says:

      Thanks Vonnie, I know how long we all spend on our blogs; writing, editing, taking photos and buying the stuff too it all adds up to time and money. It can be like a full time job sometimes and I just want the recognition that bloggers deserve. xoxo

  2. Fee says:

    Interesting topic! :)

    Think you are definitely right on how a blog that employs people to write for it can’t even be in the same list as a normal blog… it’s 100% an online magazine as you say.

    I would say my blog is ummm definitely a blog haha however when I do tell people of my hobby their reaction is a lot more interested when I say I have a website about makeup rather than a blog about makeup…. I’m not sure why but saying you have a blog seems to bring raised eyebrows at times or a rolling of the eyes to say ‘oh not another one of them blogs’! So I stick to using thw word website now as it is a .co.uk after all!

    Fee x

    • says:

      Hey Fee – I know what you mean, when I told my family I had to say website as they didn’t understand what I meant when I said beauty blog. It is funny how one word can change the perception of something.

      Thanks for stopping by hun x

  3. Vintage Makeup says:

    I totally agree! :) My blog is definitely a blog!

  4. Well there’s definitely not a team of writers hidden at my house! This post has honestly warmed the cockles of my heart with such a lovely mention. I’ve just had a week on my own looking after the children whilst my husband was away and I’m so shattered but I managed to keep on blogging through it.

    It is difficult to see how you could put a professional blog/online magazine in the same category as people that blog as a hobby. On the whole, I think they’re probably reaching a totally different audience. I try really hard to stay focused on blogging for enjoyment because I do find the rankings and awards can add an extra level of stress.
    Jane x

    • says:

      Your welcome Jane, you deserve it. I know we are always going to fight for recognition for what we do on some level and thankfully most of us just enjoy doing it and making new friends and learning about new products. I guess we are the revolutionaries! lol :D

  5. liloo says:

    Agree, 100%! xx

  6. Enigma says:

    Agree with you totally on this.

  7. Daniella Abraham says:

    Agree with you 100% A team of writers is not a blog, it’s an online magazine in my opinion!

  8. Ms Red says:

    I’m thinking a blog is not a blog when you’re paid to write each article.. then you’re a magazine online.

    • says:

      Getting paid for it makes all the difference, unfortunately those rankings don’t make a distinction. Temptalia does the work of a team of writers for sure which always amazes me. Thanks for stopping by my dear! xoxo

  9. Jan says:

    I don’t know how Jane does it either – I have 3 children but they are all teenagers and are no help when I am trying to sort out HTML. You have raised interesting points here Annabelle and I agree with you and every one of your commentors. Thankyou for a great read. Jan x

  10. Bettina says:

    What an interesting post, I hadn’t even considered it like that but find myself agreeing with you. Thanks so much for writing this.

    • says:

      Your welcome Bettina, I think the term blog gets thrown around a lot now and putting us all in one homogenous mass isn’t fair! Thanks for you comment. xoxo

  11. I agree 100% :) Love this topic

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