What we are using now – Korres shower gels

What we are using now – Korres shower gels

by on December 28, · 2 comments

We currently have about 25 different shower gels on the go as we like variety but one of the brands we always have in bathroom is Korres. Their shower gels are fantastic for the price (Korres is on sale for £5.60 at Lookfantastic until 4 January – they are normally £7) and they have some rather unique scents. I actually prefer the stuff from the men’s range while Jamie likes the fruity smells. You don’t need much to get a good lather and they never leave our skin feeling dry.

I think most of the Korres shower gels are 90 to 95% natural depending on the varying ingredients they use. There is a long list of things they do not put in their products:

  • Mineral Oil
  • Silicones
  • Parabens
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Ethanolamines
  • Petrolatum

As well as a few others. So if you are concerned about certain ingredients in your shower gels you can easily ascertain whether Korres is right for you. There is a full list of things they do not use in their website. Here is a run down of what are using at the moment:


Guava – This smells as good as it sounds and every time I use it I want to take a drink from the bottle. I like using this after a good workout, it makes me feel clean and refreshed with it’s fruity tropical scent. It also reminds me of our trip to Hawaii that we took in May.

Fig – I have no idea how figs smell (or taste for that matter) so I don’t know if this scent is genuine but it also has a nice refreshing scent. It’ s not sweet like the Guava it has more of richer aroma like a liqueur. It’s been great to use this whilst it’s been so cold outside.

Vanilla Plum – There is something Christmassy about this one – slightly sweet and boozy at the same time. I think this is also nice for winter so I wouldn’t want to use it when it gets warmer (if it ever does)

Cedar – This is such an unusual outdoor woodsy smell. It really makes you feel like you are in a forest. If you a bit of tomboy like me then you’ll love this earthy shower gel.

Citrus – This isn’t a typical shower gel with lemon/grapefruit zest it smells a bit musky too. I like using this after working out or when I feel grimy.

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Christine de Pizan
December 29, at 12:12 pm

Hail, Korres!

And I can testify to the fact that the fig one DOES smell (not sure about the taste :o ) like figs, having been lucky enough to try some good ones (i.e. not from UK supermarkets!)

Thanks for the tip on Lookfantastic. I missed their last sale and was gutted.



December 29, at 1:04 pm

I know all the Korres goodies will look good in your new bathroom(s) take a picture for me! xoxo


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