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Vintage Sister Lip Lickers Lip Balm 7g

A few months ago I mentioned Vintage Sister lip balms in a previous post and I was able to get some a few weeks ago on my visit to the States. By a few I mean seven. They were just too cute and there are too many flavours to just choose a few. I road tested these on my lips and then smooched Jamie for the kissability test. The formulation for the lip balm is lovely and creamy no matter what flavour you buy. I also got a discount as I signed up to their newsletter and they emailed me a discount voucher for 20% off. Here is my loot!

Blueberry Cheesecake – Doesn’t smell like cheesecake more like blue ice lollies. I’m not that keen on the flavour and neither is Jamie so nil stars for the kissability test.

Peanut Butter & Jelly – Smells mostly of peanut butter with an almost salty aroma. I like this one Jamie says it’s okay so 2 stars for the kissability test.

Cookies & Cream – Definitely smells like soft cookies that have just come out of the oven. I really like this one and this is Jamie’ favourite so 5 stars for the kissability test.

Zoe Cola – Smells like Zoe Coke but also could smell like a cherry cough syrup. I quite this flavour as it smells good and gives your lips a bit of colour, Jamie agrees so 3 stars for the kissability test.

At the Movies Set contains:

Cola – Has a lovely smell of Coca-Cola gone flat. I love this one, Jamie says he doesn’t notice any difference so 2 stars for the kissability test.

Red Licorice – Smells more like creamy cherry. I don’t really like licorice so I was glad this was more cherry and Jamie thought it was cherry anyway so 3 stars for the kissability test.

Popcorn – This is absolutely brilliant! Smells just like hot buttered popcorn. This is my favourite hands down love it love it love it! Jamie likes it too probably not as much as me but he said give it 5 stars for the kissability test.

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  1. love them too!


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