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Jan 12, 2011

Kiss me you fool – Vintage Sister Christmas lip balms

I ordered these a few weeks before Christmas but I had to wait till after the Christmas break to get them as they were delivered to my workplace. I was quite happy with my previous VS lip balms for the most part and seeing as they do lovely foodie ones I couldn’t resist their 25% off sale. These are usually $3.95 each and are currently still available on the Vintage Sister website. Expect to wait at least two weeks to receive them if you are getting them delivered to the UK.

These came in a cute little pink drawstring bag. I really like the slider tins but sometimes they aren’t very secure so you need to be careful about just dumping them in your handbag otherwise if it opens you could end up with gunk on your lip balm. The formulation is quite creamy and easy to apply. However if you don’t like dipping your finger in tins these definitely aren’t for you.

Like the last time I reviewed VS lip balms I’ve asked Jamie to kiss me after I applied each one and let me know what he thinks.

Pumpkin Cheesecake – This sort of has a pumpkin pie type smell but it mostly smells of nutmeg or cinnamon. Jamie said this was okay, he wouldn’t be bothered if he kissed me with it on. I like but I doubt I would wear it much now as it reminds me of Autumn.

Ginger Bread – Jamie said this smells much the same as the Pumpkin Cheesecake and I agree. This can be a problem with some of the Vintage Sister scents – they can all blend together. This one is okay but I was expecting it to be more gingery and Jamie says it’s too sweet.

Egg Nog – Now this one caused a lot of controversy in my office. Some people loved it others hated it. I think it smells like mini custard tarts. Jamie says this scent is too strong but I really like it.

Sugar & Spice – This scent reminds me of sugar cookies with green and red sprinkles on them. It also has a tinge of spice to it as well. Jamie thought this one was better than the others as it wasn’t too sweet. This is one of my favourites.

Hazlenut Latte – Well I definitely got the longest smooch with this one so I think I can say this is the clear winner. Jamie loves coffee and he clearly would be happy if I tasted like one all the time. This does have a lovely creamy coffee scent and tastes really good too.

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