Vaseline Lip Therapy Review

Two guys, two girls and some Vaseline……Lip Therapy

I was kindly sent four tubes of Vaseline Lip Therapy to try recently, and I thought it best to split them up to get a more informed opinion. As usual I roped Jamie in, along with my two work colleagues Zoe and Neil. I took the Aloe Vera (green), I gave Zoe the Rose (pink), and the guys the Original (blue). We all used them for a little over a week and I came up with some questions to ask my fellow participants about what they thought.

Do you use lip balm on a regular basis, if so which ones do you use and what do you like about them?

Neil – I don’t, I have only used occasionally.

– I currently have about 40+ lip balms and I choose one depending on my mood and the condition of my lips. My favourites are Crazy Rumors, Burt’s Bees, and Morbid the Merrier. I like my lip balms to have a food flavours and a creamy texture.

Jamie – Yes, I have used two before Benefit and another Vaseline lip balm that came in a tin. The Vaseline ‘did the job’ of keeping my lips from drying out as did the Benefit lip balm, although Benefit was easier to apply and softer on the lips.

Zoe – I use Vaseline Lip Therapy with Rose and Almond Oil – the one in the tin – everyday. I like it because it stops my lips drying out and makes them very slightly pink. I wear makeup only very rarely, so this is my one nod towards looking pretty!!!

Is price a factor when you buy lip balm?

Neil – Yes. View it as a luxury item rather than a necessity so affordability is important.

– I wouldn’t pay more than £20 for a lip balm. I think the most expensive one I have is a ‘lip treatment’ from DuWop which I love and that was £15.

Jamie – Yes it is, although as I do not use lip balm often it is not a high priority.

Zoe – Yes, I won’t spend more than £2 or £2.50 on a lip balm. That is why I like the Vaseline brand – it’s functional, practical and not too expensive. The packaging could be prettier though…….

Did you find this product easy to use? How did you find the texture and the shape of the lip balm itself?

Neil – Easy to use, I liked that it didn’t have a flowery smell or appearance.

– Yes it was easy to use however I have to say I didn’t like the texture or smell. I also found the shape a bit sharp around the edges but it did wear down pretty quickly after a few uses.

Jamie – Yes the Vaseline stick is a pleasure to use. It provides the same protection as my previous Vaseline lip balm but is a lot more convenient to apply. It’s easy to apply just the right amount without covering my lips and face in the Vaseline grease, which was a problem before.

Zoe – Very easy to use. The stick is easier to use than the version in a tin, because you can’t accidentally put on too much and have to wipe it off.  The shape of the balm was a little too sharp on the edges when I first opened it, but this soon wore down into a nice rounded end. The texture was perfect – not as greasy as the tin version can be, but not gritty either. It goes on very smoothly, however I don’t like that it looks like a lipstick as it makes me feel a bit self-conscious.

Did your lips feel more comforted by the lip balm? Could you tell a difference?

Neil – Yes.  Seemed to work OK. Use coincided with a cold snap and it proved effective during this time.

– I did feel a difference and I didn’t have to apply it very often.

Jamie – I can certainly tell a difference. Without applying any, my lips become dry, sore and eventually cracked in the cold harsh air. Using Vaseline I can avoid this completely. The Vaseline makes my lips feel very smooth and protected.

Zoe – The balm felt a little more moisturising than the tin version.  However, for some reason (because it was new?) I used it much more frequently than I was using the tin version – so that could account for the difference.

Vaseline Lip Therapy retails for £1.99 at Superdrug, would you buy this for yourself? If the answer is no please state why.

Neil – Possibly, seems a reasonable price.  However I would be more likely to buy a lip balm at a garage/service station while filling up for petrol on a cold day.

– I’ve never bought Vaseline anything and I wouldn’t buy this. This is way too functional for me, I like my lip balm to come in cute tins or sticks, and have some nice flavours. I don’t wear lipstick so I need to get a little thrill out of using my lip balm which this doesn’t give me. I can see the appeal though if you aren’t a lip balm snob like me.

Jamie – Absolutely I would. Definitely couldn’t go wrong for the price and it would likely last all Winter.

Zoe – Yes, but… I would pay an extra 50p if the packaging was prettier! It looks a little too functional. I know it follows the same brand as the tin, but the tin itself makes the product feel girlie and pretty. Whereas the stick just looks like basic lip balm.

Well 3 out of 4 isn’t bad! I do think Vaseline has a good practical product here for both sexes, it just isn’t me.

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  1. nicoletta says:

    Ha i bet that took some blogging, i would get them all mixed up :) I am not a huge lip balm fan but my lips have been so dry this week that i need to get something good to use and fast. I’m still undecided though so a trip to boots is in order i think x

  2. says:

    I thought it would be difficult to get the guys to try it out but they were up for it. I couldn’t live without lip balm!

  3. Shifa says:

    I love this style of review! So innovative :)

  4. says:

    Aww thanks Shifa, I really enjoyed doing it and I think Zoe and the guys did too!

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