Trilogy Sensitive Skincare | Very Gentle Range

New Kiwi beauty – Trilogy Sensitive Skincare

New Zealand brand Trilogy came out with a new sensitive skin range in April. Trilogy are known for their rosehip oil skincare products which seem to make a lot of people very happy. This new line consists of a Very Gentle Cleansing Cream, Very Gentle Moisturing Cream, and Very Gentle Calming Fluid. I do love my Avene because I know it works so I’m a bit sceptic about moving over to another brand. Beauty blogger London Pretty Boy has done reviews on the Very Gentle Calming Fluid and Very Gentle Cleansing Cream and he was quite impressed. The Very Gentle Calming Fluid looks like a serum so I’m staying well clear as I know it will all end in tears! Has anyone else tried the new range yet?


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  1. beautyfly says:

    I am a trilogy fan, and I went to ‘appuru’s shop in Pimlico to try the Very Gentle Cleansing Cream… I am a fan of Trilogy’s Cream Cleanser, but wanted to try something without the fragrance, and was suitably impressed…

    The Very Gentle Calming Fluid seems a little pricey to me though..

  2. says:

    I’ve seen that shop (online) it looks brill,I think I shall be doing an order from them soon. I agree about the Very Gentle Calming Fluid I’d go barmy if I bought it and it didn’t work or made my skin worse as most serum’s do!

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