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Lip balm blast from the past!

If you’re like me lip balm was your first right of passage into cosmetics. From the age of six I always had some kind of balm from Bonnie Bell or Village Lip Lickers. VLL came in big slider tins with all different flavours like Bubblegum, Peach, and Watermelon. They also did ‘doubles’ where you got two flavours in one tin. I remember going to Cinderella City Mall when I lived in Colorado in the late seventies to buy them. I found a picture of them on Tangled Up In White Oaks.

Apparently these have been selling on eBay for $100! I saw another eBay seller hawking two empty tins that looked like they have seen better days with a starting bid at $19.99. As much as I love nostalgia I don’t think I could part with my cash for two manky old tins.

I have discovered another cosmetics company TINte that sell those beloved slider tins from years gone by. While the Village Lip Lickers were clear when applied these lip lovelies contain colour.

These retail for $14.00 but if you use the code ‘GLOSS’ at the checkout you can get 20% before Valentines Day and they do ship international. They also have a cute looking lip scrub but that’s not available yet! Meh.

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  1. Zoe says:

    You can buy those cute little tins from Gracefruit: http://www.gracefruit.com/cosmetic-packaging/tins-and-tubes/7ml-slide-tin.html

    And fill them with your own homemade luscious lip balm!


  2. says:

    Why thank you Zoe! x

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