The ultimate minimalist bathroom….

The ultimate minimalist bathroom….


Nov 16, 2013 Beauty Bits 2 Comments

As I’m sure you know I love a big beautiful bathroom. Unfortunately I’ll never be able to have one in a two-bed terrace unless I knock out the kitchen or sacrifice one of the bedrooms. However I don’t think my landlady would be to impressed if I started sledge hammering the walls. So I’ve decided when I can afford it I’m going to move to:

Horspool Farm Southwell Nottinghamshire

Someone I follow on Twitter mentioned this place and when I clicked on the link I was in awe – not of the location or house itself but the bathrooms!



This is a 7 bedroom, 8 bathroom property (yes 8) but I know what  you are thinking – where would you put all your bath & body stuff ? Well obviously it would have its own room – there is plenty of space to spare!

But seriously folks this looks like a gorgeous place and has fabulous reviews on Trip Advisor. So if you have 25 close friends looking for a place to chillax and be surrounding by luxury in the Notts countryside this could be the place for you!

This is not a sponsored post – I seriously want to live here! :D


  • gio
    Nov 17, 2013 at 10:35 pm Reply

    I wouldn’t mind living there. That bathroom is gorgeous!

    1. Nov 21, 2013 at 7:44 am Reply

      There would be plenty of room for several of us Gio – we could use the other bedrooms as makeup rooms and closets… xoxo

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