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Etsy Beauty – The Morbid the Merrier Lip Balm Review

These are available at The Morbid the Merrier on Etsy!

I found these lip balms on Etsy when I was looking through their Cabinet of Curiosity page. The first thing that got my attention was the packaging. Even though I’m a lover all things Kawaii, I also have a Lydia Deetz of Beetlejuice fascination for the strange and unusual. These lip balms look like something Marilyn Manson would use but they are actually quite sweet and would be great for teenagers who want something a bit different in their makeup collection. I love the oval tube it makes it a bit more special that the usual round one. They also come beautifully packaged but I was so eager to use them that I ripped the packaging open before I took a photo. Doh!

I bought Funnel Cake which is like a freshly made donuts, Peach Cobbler which reminds me of cinnamon pie crust, and Caramel Apple like the ones you get on a stick. Somehow Lysa, the creator of these wonderful little treasures has managed to invoke some old memories of being at fairgrounds right before the American Labor Day holiday at the end of the summer. When it’s really hot during the day but when you stay later on it starts to get chilly and you need a jacket. You can smell all the food that’s been cooking all day and the cotton candy, peanuts, and taffy. If you’ve ever read the book Charlotte’s Web you’ll know what I mean. These lip balms are lovely and creamy and should guarantee you loads of kisses! The Morbid the Merrier also do perfumes, soaps, and bath salts. You can also ask for custom made items, Lysa seems more than happy to oblige!

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  1. You are awesome – and I’m so glad you liked everything!! Thank you a million times for your kind words. :-)


  2. says:

    No problem Lysa I’m glad I have a platform to tell others about your great stuff!

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