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The Body Deli – you can look but you can’t buy!

So it’s been exactly five weeks since I started my spending ban and so far I’ve kept my sanity intact – until today. Thanks go to my fellow North American beauty blogger Cinnamon Kitten for bringing The Body Deli to my attention which has managed to push me over the edge. When I started looking through their website I had to walk away for a few minutes because it was pleasure overload. And yes they ship international via Fed-ex.


Blueberry Fusion Resurfacing Facial Wash

Peaches and Cream Hydrating Facial Masque

Mai Tai Botanical Lip Gloss

Egyptian Date Sugar Scrub

*rocks in corner chanting can’t sleep scrub will eat me, can’t sleep scrub will eat me*

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  1. AKB says:

    These look amazing! Totally worth bending the rules … Haha!

  2. Kizzy says:

    Gosh, that scrub looks delicious! Are you sure you can’t eat it? ;-)

  3. LeanneOCD says:

    Bloody hell, my mouth is watering at the names of some of those products! Stay strong lovely. You’ve been doing so well. Is this going to be your first purchase post spending ban? x

  4. says:

    @AKB – I know right stupid Body Deli making me want to spend load of money
    @Kizzy – If I had a tub of it right now I’d let you know unfortunately I’ll have to wait
    @LeanneOCD – Um yes, I’ve been back to the website a few times and Jamie is a beady eye on me! lol

  5. LOL that’s just too funny! They do look lovely! I wonder if people (boyfriends etc) realise that it’s not easy to be a beauty-holic! We should be treated with kindness and consideration! x

  6. says:

    @TNB – We should and we should have a self help support group on the NHS!!!! :D

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