The Art of Shaving New York Review

My thoughts – The Art of Shaving New York

I’ve long given up on using ‘ladies’ shaving foam as I find it boring and predictable. I’m also one of those lucky gals that can get away with shaving their legs once a week so I don’t want to buy my own stuff if I can use Jamie’. I like scouring the Mankind website for new things to try and we got this a few months ago.

The packaging is not as exciting as the Geo F. Trumper shaving cream I reviewed last year and seems cheaply made in comparison. But this is more expensive – £20.00 for 150g, whereas Geo is £15.50 for 200g. Price aside, this does have a lovely fresh lemony scent that reminds me of American lemonade.

The cream spreads really well and you don’t need much to cover your legs but you should be aware that it doesn’t lather up. It does make your skin nice and lubricated to give you a close shave and rinses off easily too. I asked Jamie to contribute to this review but he thought this and Geo were pretty much the same – until I told him the price difference!

The Art of Shaving only lasted about 3 months were as the Geo lasted twice as long, is less expensive and you get more to boot. Needless to say A of S won’t be on our re-buy list. We are going to try Bluebeard’s Revenge shaving cream next as I’ve read good reviews about it. I think Jamie is the perfect candidate as he definitely has a man’s beard, it grows back about an hour after he’s shaved.

So ladies do you buy women’s shaving cream or do you use your fella’s stuff?

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  1. Lela says:

    I Love the A of S store though!! Very manly and always crowded. Got Rick some trial size products from there and he thought they were “okay” but once learned the price he said it was not worth it. I dont buy my own stuff and have been using Veet for awhile now….works awesome and does not smell that bad but is very hard to rinse off. Just got so sick of shaving!!

  2. Miss A says:

    I use Mr A’s Trilogy shaving cream. I’m like you – only shave my legs every 7-8 days or so (and I probably could get away with shaving them once every two weeks! Hair just doesn’t really grow :O) so I’ve never really bought a shaving gel/foam/cream for myself.
    I totally agree – men’s shaving products are a lot better.


  3. Jude Dunn says:

    A while back I was sent shaving products from The Gentry Grooming Co for my hubby to try, I have to say the shaving cream is fantastic and I use it on my legs once a week. It has a lovely minty scent and a little goes a long way. I much prefer the men’s shaving products, I find shaving products for women ten to dissolve at the sight of a razor.

    Jude xx

  4. rhamnousia says:

    I used to steal Simon’s King of Shaves stuff all the time until he vowed not to buy it again after I used it up too fast.

    Now I buy the KoS women’s range and it’s really good. I bought two tubes last summer I think and the second one is only just finishing now..

  5. says:

    @Lela – Hello my lubbins Beyotch! (Sorry everyone she’s my cousin) I know Rick likes using nice stuff but I agree with him it isn’t that special to make me run out and buy it again. You realise one day we’ll have more hair on our face than on our legs don’t you? Mmm actually it’s already happened! :D

    @Miss A – I think we are a rare bread not having much leg hair. It’s surprising for me considering my Italian heritage maybe I’m half Estonian too? :D

    @Jude – You’re not wrong!!!! that made me giggle. Never heard of gentry grooming will have to look into them Thanks! x

    @Rhamnousia – Boys are stupid! Never used KoS women’s range, something else to try too!

    Thanks for your comments ladies! xoxo

  6. Tamara says:

    Now there’s an idea. I may have to peruse the men’s products next time I’m shopping.. I’ve heard they do wonders, but it’s just never occured to me to try them.

    Thanks. :]

  7. says:

    @Tamara – When it comes to shaving products boys have the advantage over girls for sure! xoxo

  8. Karen says:

    Mike swears by the Art of Shaving. It’s the only stuff that he’ll use to shave his head. I’ve never thought to use it on my legs, though. I’ll have to try it on one of my daily(yes, daily, unfortunately) shaves.

  9. says:

    Hi Karen- It’s great that your fella gets a good close shave on his head it’s important! I feel for you having to shave everyday, you should make sure you use something luxurious and special. Thanks for you comment hun. x

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