Talika Review | Eyelash Conditioning Cream

Talika Eyelash Conditioning Cream Part 1

This is available at Bath & Unwind.

A few months ago I mentioned Talika Eyelash Conditioning Cream and I’ve finally managed to get some. Over the years I feel like I’ve lost density in my eyelashes and I’m hoping this will boost them. First let me say this is the smallest little plastic jar of beauty cream I’ve ever seen. You can see a picture of it here next to a 2p coin!

I am going to use this for the recommended 28 days twice a day to see if it really does make my lashes grow and look fuller. The cream doesn’t have a particular smell and has a light Vaseline type texture. I will be doing another post in 28 from when I started to see what progress I’ve made so stayed tuned!

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