Superdrug Shine Control Papers Review

Quick review – Superdrug Shine Control Papers

I bought these because they were cheap and I wanted to find an alternative to the Clean & Clear sheets that are no longer available in the UK. These are similar to Paper Poudier as they come in a little book. They aren’t as big as the Clean & Clear ones but they are pretty easy to use. Just tear one from the book and press on your face. I have to say these absorbed the oil pretty good but you still need to use a few of them if you have really oily skin. They leave a slight powdery residue after you use them, which is fine if you have really pale skin like mine. However if you have tanned, Asian, or black skin this could leave your complexion looking chalky. You would just have to be careful to check your face afterwards to make sure there was no residue. While these aren’t as good as the C&C ones, they are easy to find and don’t cost the earth.

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  1. rhamnousia says:

    I bought these back when I was at uni and I found exactly the same as you, they worked brilliantly as long as I was near a mirror.

    I couldn’t find them for ages afterwards and in the mean time I found some which worked even better.

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