Steam Cream Review

My thoughts: Steam Cream

Steam Cream has been around for awhile and I’ve resisted buying it because I knew the tin was a tiny 75g for £10 (£10.50 with the VAT rise). So when I saw the ‘Original’ container on sale recently at Bath & Unwind for £6, I decided to go for it. Even when it arrived I was still shocked at how small it was. Maybe I would have felt like I got money’s worth if it had been in a tube – who knows?

So let’s start with what I like about SC. It’s made in the UK which is plus points for me as you know I like to support British beauty brands. The steaming technology does give this a light, yet creamy texture that’s easily absorbed into the skin and the hydration lasts all day. Because of the light texture this would make it pleasant to use in warmer months when I still like to moisturise my bod but don’t like to use heavy creams. The SC website says you can use this on your face, body, and hands but I only used it as a body cream after showering. I also think it’s great that it has an expiry date and this is due to the limited number of preservatives that are used.

You probably know what’s coming next. I get that putting pure steam into the cream must take a bit effort and it really does moisturise your skin – I just don’t think it’s all the special. The fact that it comes in cute collectible tins really isn’t a selling point for me and you know I love cute tins – you’ve seen my lip balm collection right? The scent has a faint lavender aroma which is border lining on old lady territory. Even though the texture is really nice and light, it can be quite runny when you apply it as you have to dip your fingers into the container.

If I could remake Steam Cream I would ditch the gimmicky tins for something with a pump and if they want to do limited editions why not different scents? I’m guessing the reason that the scent is neutral is so that you can use it as a face cream too. As the tin is so dinky I will finish it in the next week or so and I can always use it to store my paper clips at work.

Sorry Steam Cream, I just can’t get hot and bothered about you!

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Oh man, I reviews this a little while back and I think we managed to agree on pretty much everything. beautiful packaging though. It was over here:

  2. says:

    Hey Suzanne – just read your review. Shame you and I can’t go shopping together I’m sure we’d make a great team! ;)

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