St Ives Elements Review | Microdermabrasion Scrub 125ml

Jamie and St Ives Elements Microdermabrasion Scrub 125ml

– If microdermabrasion means scrubbing particles that you can barely feel or see then this is the face scrub for you! Okay maybe I was expecting too much from this and I thought it would be okay as the St. Ives Elements Warming Scrub ended up being half decent for the price. This on the other hand just doesn’t do anything or even have much of a scent. I think the ‘microdermabrasion’ bits are very refined but because it’s mashed up in a paste with some kind of face wash and it all gets a bit lost. The problem is the picture on the front would lead me to believe that there are some lovely crushed minerals in there all waiting to give my face a lovely exfoliating treat. Would I even call this a gentle scrub? No, because if you had sensitive skin I can’t imagine you getting much out of this either.

When skincare products are less than £5 it could go one of two ways. I can tell which way this one is going, straight in the bin. Jamie over to you!

Jamie – artificial smelling, lacking in any real scrub bits. Please don’t make me use it again!

Well that sums it up in a nutshell. This whole microdermabrasion definitition depends on who is selling the product. My c.Booth microdermbrasion scrub is one of the roughest I’ve used, so rough in fact I can only use it once a week. This is from someone who loves and adores rough scrub. So if you are looking for decent microdermabrasion in a beauty product you probably need to go further up the food chain to get decent results.

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  1. rhamnousia says:

    This is currently on BOGOF in Superdrug along with everything else from their range. I have tried their whole range before (the standard scrubs) and they were fine but back then I wasn’t really looking at things from a blogging point of view and as I had so many of them to use, I kind of didn’t check if they worked.

    I’ve wanted this for ages and today they were on offer in Superdrug so I picked one up. I tried to remember all the reviews I’d read and couldn’t remember if it was good or bad..I hope it’s decent enough for every day use. I have the Neutrogena scrub (grapefruit) and that is useless!

  2. says:

    Hey chickie – This might work for you but as you can see/read Jamie and I weren’t keen. I know there is a Green Tea scrub St. Ives do but I’ve not seen it in the UK. I’ll check out Superdrug near me to see if I can find it in the BOGOF. x

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