Sky we have a problem…

Sky we have a problem…

by on December 29, 2017 · 2 comments

Hello my fellow beauty lovers! I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted, you’ve been eating chocolate yule log for breakfast, and you’ve enjoyed watching your cat/dog/turtle try to tear off the seasonal reindeer antlers (with annoying bells) that you’ve made them wear since Sunday. Normally I wouldn’t apologise for the lack of posts if I’ve been too busy to blog, or lost my mojo as eventually I will find time and the inspiration. I have desperately been wanting to blog but I’ve been thwarted by Sky/UPS. On Saturday 17 December our router decided to go to router heaven and just stopped working. We had two power cuts in quick succession and Jamie believes that the power surge killed the router. He ordered another router that day and the Sky customer service lady said it would be with us no later than Friday 23 December. I won’t go into the boring details of how everyday I’ve turned more and more into the HULK over all this as guess what – our router still hasn’t arrived! We’ve been using the internet through Jamie’ phone which is pantaloons because the bandwidth is horrible, hence me waking up earlier than I normally would on a day off to write a post in the hopes that everyone else that is using 3G mobile internet is mostly still asleep.

Jamie spoke to Sky and supposedly our router has been dispatched now with UPS however we have no tracking number to verify this. When I spoke to a customer service chappy on Tuesday, he used that tired phrase ‘due to the busy Christmas period’ we are experiencing delays in deliveries. I’m sure a lot of people up and down the country have heard this again and again, and aside from bad weather the prevents deliveries from happening I think this is a load of codswallop. Newsflash – Christmas comes the same time every year! The day of the week it lands on changes but you know it’s coming. You know that you will need more staff/drivers/vans during December more than any other time of the year. You should also know that ordering online continues to rise year on year so it should be no surprise that your courier company has more parcels to deliver (am I the only one that reads the business section of the BBC website).

I realise there are worse things in life that no internet, I have my health, a wonderful husband and a fantastic family and loads of wonderful friends but that still doesn’t stop me being annoyed that I don’t have my beloved internet!

***Update – after speaking to Sky this afternoon we’ve come to find out that our router was never dispatched in the first place even though we were told it was with the courier. We’ve since told them to shove it and have set up a new account with BT who we have our phone with anyway. It’s still going to take a few days to sort but they’ve confirmed everything already. You’d never know it was a recession with the rubbish customer service Sky has given us as you’d think they would be falling over themselves to keep customers. Clearly the COPD household isn’t important to them which is why I’m taking my hard earned £ elsewhere!

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December 29, 2017 at 3:55 pm

I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems. I hope the new router will arrive soon.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy holidays!


January 1, 2012 at 3:13 pm

Even though we’ve now cancelled with Sky their router still hasn’t arrived – no doubt it will come when I’m at work they can stick it!

Happy New Year dear! xoxo


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