She said/she said – Wilma Schumann Gentle Skin Scrub Review

She said/she said – Wilma Schumann Gentle Skin Scrub review

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Momma COPD

Hello everyone Momma COPD here, has cajoled me into writing a beauty review about a face scrub. Now even though has a blog about scrubs I never use them. I’m 71 and when I was younger washing your face was on putting cold cream or using soap and water. Now with all these lotions and potions on the market it can be a bit daunting. Aside from that, you’ve all seen some of the rocks and dirt that she washes her face with right? So you can understand why I would be a bit concerned about trying out one of her scrubs.

I’ve never heard of this brand before but assured me that it would be gentle because it says it on the tube. After I removed my makeup she applied the scrub to my face and I have to say it did feel really relaxing. It wasn’t what I was expecting and it didn’t smell like cake or fruit salad like most of her products do. I really didn’t think the little scrubby grains would do anything but after I washed them off my skin was definitely smoother without feeling like I’ve scraped it with sandpaper. This is easy to remove with a warm wet wash cloth and removed more of my makeup which I thought I’d done. Of course gave me a lecture about removing all my makeup too; I don’t know how I’ve managed to get to my age without ‘properly’ washing my face!

Now I know scrubs her face at every opportunity, but I would only use this once a week as a treat which I think is enough for my face.

Ha ha ha not everything I use feels like sandpaper….. Anyway this is a creamy cleanser that reminds me of Alpha H Gentle Cleanser but without the Glycolic Acid. I prefer to use creamy cleansers on dry skin for more friction and they work better for getting those last bits of makeup off that you might have forgotten about. The only thing that I’m not really keen on is the peppermint scent, but otherwise the combination of the cream and scrubby bits do get your face really clean without scratching it.

I noticed more of an improvement on my mom’s skin rather than mine, but I’m sure you can understand why. This is available on the Wilma Schumann website and retails for $30 for 105ml tube which should last quite a while if you only use a once or twice a week.

Thanks for being my guinea pig mom! :D

*pr sample

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