Say hello to the lovely Nicoletta aka Marshmallow Blends!

Say hello to the lovely Nicoletta aka Marshmallow Blends!


Nov 3, 2012 Bath & Body , 0 Comments

Tell everyone a bit about yourself (for those who don’t know you) – Where you are from, are you married, children, where you work…..

I’m a mum, wife, and beauty blogger. My background has always been in beauty and after a long list of beauty roles including: Beauty Therapist, Nail Technician, Wedding make up artist, Clinique consultant I decided to start my own bath & body range. I live in Barnsley, South Yorkshire and my time here is divided between my boys (I have 2 boys & a husband so we can say 3) making products and getting the word out about my new venture.

Tell us about Marshmallow Blends – How did you come up with the idea, was it easy to set it up, what do your friends/family/work colleagues think of MB?

I love a lot of the foodie fragrances and had struggled to find them here in the UK in bath & body products. Everything I googled was in the US and I begrudged paying such high postage and waiting 10 days for things I wanted. I was spending more and more time at home with the boys and decided it was time to do something for me. I went on a one day course to make body butters and I knew there and then that this is what I wanted to do.

At first I think my friends thought I was a bit crazy as whenever they came round I would be in the kitchen mixing lotions and potions and giving out samples left right and center to get feedback and see if other people would like my products.  I also loved the thought of knowing exactly what I was putting on my skin.

What is the best and the worst thing about operating a small business?

Without a doubt the best thing about Marshmallow Blends is the constant positive feedback I get from customers. I love the fact that when my parcel arrives people are happy. I always write a little note on each order, I add samples I think the customer might like to try to keep it personal. Each little parcel I send I do so with care and attention and hopefully people see that. I’ve had customers tell me that the creams have rid them of eczema and that they would never use anything else, my feedback on my website has been amazing and so my customers are the best thing about my little business.

The worst thing is the amount of research and the amount of money it costs to start-up something like this. I often work when the kids are in bed to get orders out. It’s not a quick and easy way to make money, you need to love what you do if you decide to start a business like this. Luckily for me I do and it never feels like a chore. Plenty of Redbull and the odd extra pair of hands help a lot at times :)

What do you want to do with Marshmallow Blends in the future?

I have had this question put to me a few times and it’s one I struggle to answer. I want to get the products out and about more as right now I only sell via my website & Facebook page which is a very small audience. I have so far declined retail orders but in the future I would like to have a few nice retail outlets with pretty displays of my products, I also plan of having some bespoke fragrances which will be unique to Marshmallow Blends. I’m thinking a gorgeous toasted marshmallow scent for starters!

Make sure you stop by Marshmallow Blends to see all the Christmas goodies, reviews coming soon!

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