Sara Happ | Red Velvet Lip Scrub

Let them eat red velvet cake! New lip scrub from Sara Happ

Do you ever get excited from hearing about a launch of fabulous new beauty product only to be filled with dread a minute later knowing that you will probably never be able to buy it? Well that is how I felt upon hearing about the launch of Red Velvet Lip Scrub from Sara Happ. It looks amazing, and I bet is smells amazing too. Will I be able to pop into a shop and buy this beautiful little red box of cake loveliness at the weekend? Nope, I have a better chance of winning the lottery without buying a ticket. Look away now if you don’t want to read my beauty rant…..

For some reason Sara Happ and the UK don’t seem to get on very well. When her lip scrub came out a few years ago it seemed all the rage only for it to be stuck in the HQoutletstore for 34% off not long after that. Sara H. launched The Lip Slip in 2009 which as far as I’m aware isn’t available in the UK. Her Vanilla Bean body scrub was launched a few months ago and I doubt I will be seeing that either. I’ve had a look at the Sara Happ website which is currently under construction and I’ve noticed in the top corner on the right hand side little flags of all the countries where Sara Happ is available. I see USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, and Japan but there is no sign of the Union flag anywhere. I emailed the company to ask them if the Vanilla Bean body scrub will be available in the UK and I never got a response. I would love to know why we can’t get her stuff here but even they won’t tell me. I’ve left a message on the Sara Happ Facebook page and tweeted to the SH twitter account so let’s see if I get a response. I’m ready and willing to part with my hard earned cash right now Sara, so please help me!

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  1. Zoe says:

    Wow that looks lovely! I would definately buy this if it was available to us. That packaging is so adorable!!!!

    A similar thing happened to me, again on Hq hair. They used to sell a range of cosmetics called Lucious and I really liked their nail polishes but they don’t do them anymore :(

    Zoe xxx

  2. says:

    I’ve also since found out that this is limited edition so I better get mom onto it quick or I have no chance of ever having it!


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