Sara Happ launching at Fenwick Bond Street London

Something very special is happening today…

Sara Happ is launching at Fenwick of Bond Street!! Yes you will finally be able to purchase her legendary Lip Scrub, Lip Slip, and the newest edition to her exfoliation empire Vanilla Bean Body Scrub which I reviewed a few weeks ago. As you know I am a fan fanatic of all things Sara Happ and I’m glad her products are finally getting the showcase they deserve.

The Lip Slip is a super moisturising ‘luxe balm’ that cares for and nourishes your pucker. It’s very thick in texture and non-greasy. You can use it during the day on it’s own and it will leave your lips with a lovely gold shimmer but I prefer to wear this bubble gum scented lip treat at night after I’ve used her Lip Scrub. As with all Sara Happ products you don’t need to use a lot so this little pot should last a long time.

While every other part of the body has been assigned it’s own scrub (feet, hands, elbows) the lips have largely been ignored until Sara came along and created this genius product in 2005. My first Sara Happ outing was the Cinnamon Sugar scrub and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I know Sara had me in mind when she made this range and I always look forward to seeing what new flavours she comes up with. I will literally follow Sara around the world for her creations. Good Luck with your launch Sara!

Oh congrats to Kate and William too!

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  1. Hello ;)

    I totally love the packaging on these items, so lovely! (Looks exactly like Butter London’s packaging and font)..
    I was wondering what these items are priced at? Expensive? Cheap?

    And lastly, I have read on Lanolip blog or forum that it’s really bad to scrub your lips, so I have never done it- I can’t imagine doing that? I read the more you scrub, essentially the more dry lips will be.
    But I’d love to check her other products out :) They sound great!

  2. Ayshe says:

    ooo these look fab, I haven’t heard of her before. I have a lip scrub I brought in the states, very underrated products i think.

  3. says:

    Good Morning Stina – The lip products usually retail for about £20 which may seem like a lot but they last a long time as you don’t need much. The Body Scrub is usually around the £37 mark. I scrub my lips once or twice a week and I haven’t noticed them becoming drier quite the opposite in fact. They always look better after I’ve used a lip scrub and I like the way it feels too. I think if you have chronic dry lips or cuts/abrasions then you have to be careful as some lip scrubs can be very scratchy. SH lip scrubs are really thick and dont tear the delicate lip skin. I hope that helps you! xoxo

    @Ayshe – You are right lip scrub is underrated, I love using them!

    Thanks for your comments ladies xoxo

  4. Thanks for the reply!

    I have never really suffered from dry or chapped lips, so I guess I just see no need for lip scrubbing. Lol!

    But happy scrubbing x

  5. The lip slip looks lovely, it’s definitely going on my wishlist, I love the luxurious cardboard box packaging the products come in x

  6. says:

    @P&L – Those boxes make you feel like you are getting a diamond ring!

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