Sad little makeup collection – Foundation, powder and brushes

My sad little makeup collection part 2 – Foundation, powder, and brushes

I hope you are all having a good giggle at my dire makeup collection. I covered concealers in part 1 and to be honest I was surprised that I actually had three of them. Well today I’m going to excite you further with my foundations, powder (I only have one), and brushes.

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick – This is swatched above and the colour is Warm Ivory. I prefer to apply foundation in stick form which is why I bought this. Clinique used to a foundation stick but they discontinued it quite a few years ago. I find this formulation a bit thick for everyday wear but it’s pretty good for going out and I think it matches my skin tone well like my BB concealer.

Next up is Clinque Even Better Foundation with SPF 15 and I’ve never used it! I suffer from redness so the Clinique SA suggested this but I couldn’t tell you if it works or not. The swatch to me looks like this is too dark for my skin tone but it be because I put a big splodge of it on my hand.

Bobbi Brown Pressed Powder in 2 Sunny Beige. I’ve ‘hit pan’ on this one and it’s probably because I use like a loose powder even though it’s a compact. I’ve used loose powder over the years too (Clinique mostly) but I find that compacts are less messy. This also comes with the usual puff sponge thing but I’ve never used it.

I have to say I’m quite happy with my tiny collection of brushes, they served me well when I did my friend Christine’s makeup for her wedding in August. From left to right 4 Sonia Kashuk, 1 Smashbox, 2 Clinique, and 1 unknown brand although it might be Cosmetics a la Carte from my London College of Fashion days. The most used brush is the Clinique powder/blusher brush. I bought a Clinique foundation brush but I’ve only used on my friend Christine. The Clinique SA showed me how to use it but I find it fiddly. I always end up going back to my trusty cheap Superdrug sponge.

Last but not least is one of the most used beauty tools in my collection. This Ruby & Millie one which has a eyelash comb on one end and mascara wand thing on the other. I don’t know if this is still available I bought this quite some time ago. The eyelash comb is great, really good at getting mascara clumps out. I used the other side to tame my brows by going over it with my eyebrow pencil and then brushing them. It deposits an even amount of colour and stops my eyebrows from looking drawn on.

Well there you have it. I apologise that my collection isn’t more exciting. I think I have a Shu Uemura eyelash curler somewhere but I can’t locate it at the moment. The next installment will be my eyeliners and mascaras.

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  1. Fee says:

    Firstly….I love your blog :)

    Secondly….it’s actually nice to see not another stupidly large makeup collection with 15 foundation :)

    If it makes you feel better, I own 2 foundations and 1 powder and a similar amount of brushes to you. I just don’t see the point in buy anymore foundations (unless I’m running out) when I really like the one I use!

    Really nice post :)

    Fee x

  2. Liene says:

    Thanks for sharing, I really like this kind of posts, especially short reflection how one or another product works.
    If your make-up collection would be acquainted with mine, it won’t fell sad, because mine also is small, at least those basic products – two foundations and one powder and even less brushes. And eyelash curler for me still looks like instrument of torture. :D

  3. says:

    Hey Fee and Liene!

    Thanks for the compliments. I always feel as a beauty blogger and woman I should have a bigger collection of makeup but like you’ve both said I just don’t see the point of having bazillion foundations – my skin doesn’t change colour on a regular basis!

    I appreciate you reading my blog ladies xoxo

  4. Nothing laughable about your collection at all. Ultimately I think it’s great to see that you have a collection that really works for you and you’re not on the hunt for the next best thing constantly (of which I am guilty of course). I love your brushes too. I wish I had snapped up some Sonia Kashuk brushes in the SpaceNK sale last year.
    Jane x

  5. says:

    Thanks Jane that means a lot coming from you! I’m really glad I picked up the Sonia Kashuk brushes when I was in the States they are really good quality. x

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