Sad little makeup collection – Eyeshadow and Blusher

My sad little makeup collection part 4 – Eyeshadow and blusher

This post is going to be super short as I only have one (yes one) eyeshadow palette if you can call a trio a palette. So here goes!

My obsession with green continues with this Bourjois Smokey Eyes Trio in 08 Vert Trendy – or in other words three green eyeshadows from light to dark.

I’ve never really done a smoky eye with these shadows. I’ve use the lighter colour on my brow bone and the darker shadows have been used as eyeliner. I really don’t like wearing full eyeshadow on my eyes anymore as I feel like Dame Edna, so when I do anything with my eyes it mostly involves eyeliner. I think I bought this because I like the colours rather than actually getting any use out of it.

Bobbi Brown Desert Rose 15. This is a very good day to day blusher, it’s not too dark but still gives your cheeks a nice understated flush.

Bobbi Brown Sand Pink 1. I’ve never worn this during the day as it’s way to dark and I would look like a clown. This is definitely better for evening wear.

Desert Rose 15 on the left, Sandy Pink 1 on the right. I think both colours suit me and what I like about BB blushers is that you build up the colour gradually rather than going full throttle and having to wipe half of it off if you put on too much.

So that’s it – yep blink and you’ll miss it. My last instalment will be lipsticks so watch this space…..

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  1. hani says:

    not too bad actually.the eyeshadows are nice.. my fave lip and cheek stain is Timebalm,
    so pretty and stays on for ages.

  2. says:

    Thanks Hani. I only ever used one cheek stain before and I feel like it sat in pores so I’ve never tried any since. I also struggled to apply it because it would smear my foundation. This is a long time ago though maybe I need to revisit cheek and lip tints again? x

  3. I have the desert rose blush and have never really fallen in love with it. Will try again I think.

  4. says:

    Hello SLJ! Is it the colour you don’t like or just Bobbi Brown blushers in general?

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