– Tweezerman Pedro Smoothing Stone

Tweezerman Pedro Smoothing Stone

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This is available at Beauty Expert and Boots.

I always found pumice foot scrubbers to be awkward to use as they are usually too small and aren’t actually rough enough to really take off hard dead skin that can usually be found on feet/heel area. Metal foot files have also left me cold so when I discovered Pedro I was intrigued.  It looked easy to use as it has a longer handle and is quite a sturdy piece of equipment. So sturdy in fact I’m sure it could be used as a weapon if needs be!

How to use

There is a rough and smooth side so after you have gone to town scraping the soles and heels of your feet you can smooth them down to a nice buffed finish. I always use mine just before I finish in the shower as the skin on my feet has softened and is easy to remove. Unless you have the time to get regular pedicures (who does) this tool will keep your hooves in tip-top shape in between visits to your beauty therapist. This is particularly important in the summer if you regularly wear flip flops and sandals as constantly exposed feet become rough and dry. Make sure you rinse it off with warm water and store it away from the shower/bath so it can dry. I’ve seen this rounded version at Boots however other ones I’ve seen have a more tapered edge.

Rough Side

Smooth Side

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