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Tend Skin 236ml

by on April 29, · 2 comments

This is available at HQhair and Mankind!

If you are a DIY waxer then you know the perils of bumpy unsightly ‘chicken skin’ afterwards. I used to wax and pluck my eyebrows into oblivion to get the perfect arch. It meant that I risked red irritated skin and bumps that appeared in minutes after I’ve waxed. I’m also lucky enough to have Italian heritage which means one thing; I will inherit a nice beard and moustache by the time I’m in my 60′s. If old family photos are anything to go by I could give Tom Selleck a run for his money when I’m a pensioner. I’ve been waxing my upper lip since I was 16 as an insurance policy against my hirsute destiny.

I and most beauticians would never recommend waxing your eyebrows or upper lip the day before you get your picture taken, or a hot date in case of redness. However with Tend Skin you are able to just about get away with it as it works in 24 hours. I like to use cotton pads to apply it instead of cotton wool as it works better. If you draw blood after waxing I would wait and clean the area first before you apply Tend Skin or else it will sting! It’s not recommended for use after exfoliating with face scrubs for at least 48 hours. Also not recommended after you’ve have any facial treatments such as Alpha Hydroxy or Glycolic acid peels which could cause burning. If you are allergic to aspirin you also need to give this one a miss!

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    A H June 15, at 4:59 am

    I bought a bottle of Tend Skin lotion from Fabove last week, and it really helps my skin irritation after hair removal. I agree it is one of best product to get rid of ingrown hairs.