– Talika Eyebrow Lipocils Part 2

Talika Eyebrow Lipocils Part 2

by on October 7, · 1 comment

Well it’s been roughly 3 1/2 months since my first post about Talika Eyebrow Lipocils. It promised to promote eyebrow growth within 28 days but I had a feeling it would take longer than this, which is why I left it so long to do another post. I have to admit in the time that I was using it I probably forgot to put it on a few times as I was rushing out the door in the morning. So I haven’t been completely hardcore with it but I would say for the most part I followed instructions. The wand makes it easy to apply and doesn’t interfere with any pencil you may put on afterwards.

Before – this is my eyebrow as it was on 16 June earlier this year. As you can see my eyebrows are are quite sparse after years of plucking them razor thin.

After – this is my eyebrow taken on 3 October. On first glance it may not look like I’ve had much growth but I’ve added several hairs to the width of my eyebrow going into the centre. I don’t have an expensive camera so you can’t see the detail of the little hairs that have begun to appear but they are definitely there. I also think I’ve added more fullness to my brows but there are still some gaps.

I will definitely keep using the Lipocils and will do another post in the new year to see where my eyebrows have got to. I think this is slow process but something is definitely happening. I will dye my eyebrows in the meantime to make them look fuller but I’m quite happy with the progress.

This is available at Bath & Unwind.

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