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My thoughts – Sk:n Anti-Ageing Moisturising Cream with SPF 30

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I’ve avoided anti-ageing lotions and potions for a few years now because of the ridiculous promises that some brands make. I was totally paranoid about wrinkles and lines in the my 30′s and spent loads of money on stuff that promised the moon and stars; most did nothing so as I hit 40+ I’ve eased off. I still want to my skin to look nice but I don’t expect it to look the same as I did when I was 25.

My biggest annoyance with anti-ageing creams is that they are usually gel/cream hybrids or come as evil serums. When I was offered to try a moisturiser from Sk:n I was hoping the one I selected would be a light-weight moisturiser that would sink in and not interfere with my makeup while giving me anti-ageing benefits.

Now I know this is a finger dipper which will put some people off but it hasn’t been an issue for me. I’ve got enough spatula’s sitting around the house that I can accommodate a little tub of cream however it would be a nice feature if this came with one. I am happy this does come with nice plastic lid with a tab so it won’t slosh around when you travel.

This is the third product I’ve tried from Sk:n and I really have to say again that I love their packaging. It’s very simple, clean and minimalistic and looks great in my all white bathroom – these things are important you know!


Rubbed in

You can see from the pictures above this is a lovely light cream which more like a lotion. This spreads very far so I’ve had to adjust how much I use because my face has become greasy during the afternoon. With regards to the anti-ageing aspect I couldn’t comment at this time as I’ve only been using it 6 weeks but I will do another review when I finish the pot.

Even if this wasn’t anti-ageing I would still be happy with it for two reasons; SPF 30 and the price. While £18 per 50ml may seem a little pricey this will easily last for 6 months even if I apply it a few times a day. I also think SPF 30 is a more realistic sun protection factor for the UK.

So far I’m really happy with this moisturiser – has anyone else tried products from Sk:n?

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