– Origins For Men Skin Diver Active Charcoal Body Scrub 150ml

Origins For Men Skin Diver Active Charcoal Body Scrub 150ml

by on January 9, 2017 · 4 comments

I’ve been wanting this body scrub for so long but because it was £18 I thought it was way too expensive. This thought process was pretty illogical considering I’ve spent more on scrubs before but for some reason I felt I had to resist. I really wanted to try a sample of it before I took the plunge but I couldn’t find anywhere that had a tester. I say anywhere but I only checked at House of Fraser in the Vic Centre Nottingham. The Origins staff said that no tester was available.

Well about a month ago I was walking through HoF when they were having one of their 2 days sales events and low and behold they were having 10% off cosmetics. I thought sod it and bought the charcoal body scrub, shower gel and face mask. So you can see my logic of not spending £18 in the first instance was totally blown out of the water by purchasing 3 things. Like whatever….

The Skin Diver range says it’s for men but as you probably know I don’t pay attention to these rules. The guys always get things made of volcanic rocks, mud, and the like so just the fact this has charcoal in it makes it seem like more fun to me. However this doesn’t contain the same kind of charcoal you use to get a BBQ started. This has active Bamboo Charcoal that Origins says will ‘go deep to absorb impurities and remove grimy blockage’.

This contains clove, wintergreen, dead sea salt, organic brown sugar, soybean, wheatgerm, and olive oil. It’s scented with spearmint and rosemary but it doesn’t smell very strong. The scent actually reminds me of licorice or aniseed oil. This scrub is super thick so it takes some squeezing to get it out. If you put it on wet skin it does thin out. The sea salt and sugar grains are evenly sized and they don’t scratch. I thought this scrub would be quite rough as it is a men’s product but it’s not. I wasn’t really that excited the first time I used it but after using it a few more times I it started to grow on me. I don’t think this scrub delivers the most amazing exfoliation but the oils are quite comforting to dull dry winter skin. It also does make you feel clean as promised with tingly sensation from the spearmint that last most of the day.

You definitely do not need a body lotion after using this. Because there is a distinct oily residue left on your skin after showering off the scrub, I wonder how many men would be able to cope with this. Jamie tried this out first but he was unable to use it properly. Why? Well let’s just say between his manly chest hair and the oily scrub it wasn’t a pleasant experience. So unless your fella is smooth and hair free like a baby’s bum then they he might struggle to rinse this off. For us girls though this is definitely a nice winter treat. I would consider buying this again if HoF has 10% off their cosmetics.

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January 9, 2017 at 1:00 pm

Poor Jamie! Must have been like tweezering hairs trying to remove that!

I’ve always assumed “men’s” products were harsher than ones geared towards women, nice to know that’s not necessarily the case. The consistency sounds interesting. I guess this scrub is more for when you’re in the shower and your skin’s wet? As opposed to being used dry before you get in. Or at least, that’s how I use my body scrubs. Is that normal practice for others too?



January 9, 2017 at 1:17 pm

Hey Mercee!

Jamie was not a happy bunny when he came out of the shower and I can see why. He must have felt like a seal in a oil slick!

I suppose you could use this on dry skin as it has so many oils in it so you would be able to get good friction but it would also just probably make a mess. I think the only thing that is effective dry is dry body brushing which I’ve never tried. Have you?


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