’s review – Okeanos Spa Aruba Part 1

’s review – Okeanos Spa Aruba Part 1

by on October 30, 2017 · 3 comments

View from our hotel room – sigh!

As you may or may not be aware Jamie and I spent our week long honeymoon in Aruba, a small Dutch island in the Caribbean about 17 miles off the coast of Venezuela. We stayed at the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino in Oranjestad and I booked several treatments at the on-site hotel spa.

The receptionist at the spa was really friendly, professionally dressed and everything was sparkling clean and ultra modern. I was lead into the ladies changing room and shown the lockers, and where the steam room was. I had to strip down to my knick knacks but the robe they offered me was too small so they quickly located a larger one for my ample bosoms. I then went into the relaxing waiting area where there was chilled fruit water and filled in my health questionnaire. Rita, my therapist then came in and led me to the treatment room.

Naturally Nourishing Exfoliation – The website says: Mangoes, pineapples, papayas, and passion fruit gently polish away surface toxins and dead cell accumulation. A rich, de-aging balm concludes your escape so you will be ready for all Aruba has to offer. Recommended prior to any massage or body treatment for optimum benefits.

This felt amazing after all the travelling we had been doing and even though I obviously exfoliate on a regular basis it was nice to have someone do it for me!

Why Knot Massage – The website says: In this deep tissue massage, your therapist will focus on specific areas of soreness while integrating stretching techniques.

After Rita buffed me smooth I went into another treatment room where she beat the crap out of me and it was amazing. I’ve never had a deep tissue massage before, some of it was a bit painful and she had to ease up but I could quite happily have one every day! Afterwards I felt like a tenderised steak and I was so impressed with Rita and her magic hands that I booked another treatment and massage with her before we left.

Anti-cellulite Green Coffee Wrap – The website says: A warm green coffee mask is applied to the body then covered with foil. You are then treated to a scalp massage while this innovative wrap helps eliminate toxins and increase circulation and skin elasticity.

Rita got to work buffing me down again with this amazing smelling green coffee scrub and then wrapped me in foil which made me feel like a baked potato. She then massaged my scalp and face while I was cooking and after rinsing me off I had another deep tissue massage and nearly drifted off to sleep.

I have to say there is nothing better than a confident massage therapist. Professionalism must be maintained at all times but I also want my therapist not to be shy or embarrassed about moving body parts around that get the way. My larger chest isn’t easily covered up by a hand towel and when my ‘girls’ got in the way Rita just moved them while still keeping them covered. I never once felt uncomfortable because she wasn’t. I vowed to her afterwards that if I ever win the lottery I’m hiring her as my personal massage therapist!

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The Bristol Beauty Blog
November 1, 2017 at 8:51 pm

Sounds (and looks) amazing! I couldn’t get into the massage hut when I was in Cuba – it was fully booked all the time! Apparently the masseuse was a very efficient German lady who excellent by the reports from the other travellers I chatted to each time I tried to book in! x


November 1, 2017 at 10:50 pm

Well I made my dad book my appointments a few months before I went as I didn’t want that to happen. Luckily it wasn’t very busy so I was able to get additional treatments too. I wish I could go back tomorrow it was soo worth it! xoxo


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