– Hei Poa Monoi Butter for Hair and Body 100ml

Hei Poa Monoi Butter for Hair and Body 100ml

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As you’ve probably seen from my two other posts about Hei Poa Shower & Bath Gel and Body Scrub I really love this brand. I also like to match my shower gels, body scrubs, and lotions which is why I bought this so I could have three things that work together.

This contains Tahitian Monoi oil which is made by softening Tiare flowers in coconut oil from French Polynesia. It also contains Shea butter which has restorative properties. Now this does state that is for your hair as well but I have the greasiest hair in the world so putting more oil on it wouldn’t be the best idea. I was expecting this to be like a creamy body butter but it isn’t. As you can you see from the picture it’s a solid oil that melts on the skin.

As this is quite intense I had to think about what part of my body it would benefit from it the most. Now that Autumn has settled in this means dry skin, especially on my lower legs. I’ve seen dry leg oils for sale before but these have never appealed to me for some reason. I decided to use this on my calves for a little longer than a week to see if it made a difference.

Getting the butter out of the tub is a bit tricky at first but the more I used it the easier it became. If you have one, a cosmetic spatula would help to get this out if you don’t want to use your fingers. Even though it is solid, this spreads quite easily at skin temperature and spreads quite far. If you look back at the picture above, the amount I have on the back of my hand easily covered my lower leg. This tub will probably last me the rest of the month or more even if I use it everyday.

This sinks into the skin fairly quick and doesn’t leave a filmy residue. What is really nice about putting it on my lower legs is that the scent rises as your body heats up and I could smell it all day when I was at work which was quite therapeutic. The Tiare flowers give this butter a rich, heady tropical scent. I did a regular check on my legs during the day and they were still silky smooth. The more I used this the better the skin on my legs became. I walk to work so this should also offer protection against the elements when it gets colder. I would recommend this to anyone who has chronic dry skin and wants to treat it with a gorgeous smelling body butter.

This is available at Bath and Unwind for £12.oo.

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