– Hei Poa Gel Douche Bain Au Monoi Tiare 150ml

Hei Poa Gel Douche Bain Au Monoi Tiare 150ml

by on August 11, 2009 · 2 comments

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Close your eyes. Imagine yourself on some faraway tropical island. You feel the warm turquoise coloured south seas lap at your feet as they slowly sink into the sparkling sand. The mild breeze is permeated  with the scent of beautiful exotic flowers. Even if you live in a two bed terraced house in the city like me the smell of this really does take you away.

How to use

With it’s kitsch packaging and various formulas we all have a chance to have super soft skin. I chose the bath and shower as I thought that would be a good place to start. It should noted that this shower gel doesn’t really lather up as other shower products do. As a matter of fact I don’t really think the shower is the best place for this lovely creation. Now let’s get one thing clear, I don’t do baths! However I think on this occasion I will have to make an exception and say this is probably best used for a nice soak in the bath. After I used it my skin felt silky and smelled wonderful and scent lingers all day. I think I expected my skin to feel oily but was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t as I was getting dressed.

Take Note

The package says it is gentle enough to use every day, prolonged use may cause irritation to the skin and urinary tract. I wouldn’t be too alarmed though anything and everything can irritate your delicate bits so just be aware. I would also store the tube cap side up. While this awkward I found that because of the high concentration of oil is does leak.


Coconut Extract, Tiare Flower


  • Distinctive exotic fragrance
  • Leaves skin dewy and strokably soft
  • Doesn’t cost the earth


  • May cause irritation
  • Cap may leak


I will definitely be using this again and may even take a bath.  Shh don’t tell anyone!

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