– Butter London Master Luxury Lotion 50ml

Butter London Master Luxury Lotion 50ml

by on July 8, · 2 comments

I’ve never used Butter London Nail Varnish but I love my Stiletto Stick so I decided to give this a go. My workplace are used to seeing all the beauty parcels I get and it’s the men not the women who are always hovering around asking what I’ve bought. This says it can be used as a body lotion but I don’t think you would get much use out of it because it only comes in a 50ml tube. It does however pop nicely in my handbag so I’ve been using it as a hand lotion. I got this one because I didn’t fancy the alternative ‘girly’ scents of Champagne and Country Garden. This one is black tea! It doesn’t quite smell like opening a fresh box of PG Tips but it is pleasant. I decided to share this with the men folk in my office to see what they thought. Passing it round the water cooler I got the following comments:

‘What does this do?’

‘How much did that cost you?’

‘This smells like sun cream, can I use it as suncream?’

‘I’ll try it but I don’t think my hands are dry.’

‘Real men don’t need that stuff….wow this is real nice.’

‘My hands stink now.’

As you can see from the fairly useless comments my office probably isn’t the best place to test hand lotion for men. However I love this – it sinks right in, doesn’t leave a greasy residue, and kept my hands hydrated all day. I wish the scent were stronger but I can live with it. I love Butter London packaging, it’s well thought out and I’d be happy to get this out of my bag in public to show it off. It’s Vegan and Paraben free too!

This is available at Lookfantasic!

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Christine de Pizan
July 13, at 12:15 pm

This sums it up, I reckon!!!:

‘Real men don’t need that stuff….wow this is real nice.’


July 15, at 5:49 pm

Most of the men in my office need to start off with the basics – like a shower! lol


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