– Avene Anti-redness Light Moisturising Cream for Sensitive Skin 40ml

Avene Anti-redness Light Moisturising Cream for Sensitive Skin 40ml

by on May 2, · 2 comments

Sometimes I really hate shopping at Boots. The main one in Nottingham’s Victoria Shopping Centre is a nightmare because it’s a like Piccadilly Circus most days. Thankfully the sales people at this Boots are quite helpful and this is how I discovered the Avène range. After explaining to a member of staff about my red blotchy skin that seemed to flair up out of nowhere, she gave me some samples of different products to try but specifically recommended the Avène range.

Avène products are made with thermal spring water from the Saint Odile spring which is located in the small spa town in Southern France. Normally I wouldn’t buy into the whole ‘spring water’ hype but I love my Avène lotion. It sinks right in and over the course of the day I can see a definite improvement in the texture and tone of my skin.  I use the light cream in the warmer months and use the Anti-Redness Rich Moisturising Cream in the colder weather. I also use their Skin Recovery Cream for intolerant skin. This cream is great for my really bad skin days. Having used both Clinique’s Redness Solutions and Avène, I feel that Avène range delivers more consistent results for my skin. I would recommend trying to get a sample of any of the lotions or creams so you can see for yourself how well they work.

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