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Rose & Co Apothecary Mini Haul

These do exactly what they say on the tin and at 20g each they are quite generous. They all fit perfectly in my bag and of course the packaging nailed it for me. I always get looks when re-apply my lip balm on the bus, most onlookers are attracted to the retro packaging like a magpie.

Rose & Co also do bath and body products for men and women but their website is quite tedious to navigate and a has quite a few broken links. I have emailed them about this but they never got back to me. It’s a shame really as you can tell they work hard on their product and presentation but their website is long overdue for a revamp! Hopefully they will read this and get it sorted. You can also buy their goodies at their shops in Leeds and one in Haworth, West Yorkshire. Their shop at The Old Apothecary in Haworth looks like my idea of heaven and I know my friend Christine would agree! Boots also sell some selected items from their range.

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  1. rhamnousia says:

    I wish these came in a stick formation because I always look at them and leave them because I don’t want messy fingers.

    The pervert in me is giggling at the rubbing ointment, oo er missus.

  2. says:

    You could always use a lip brush for the lip balms but I hear you about using your fingers. It’s not really convenient or practical. My dad laughed about the rubbing ointment for the same reason you did! LOL

  3. Pretty pretty!


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