Reviewed: Olay Rengerist 3 Point Cleansing System

Laura’s review – Olay Regenerist 3-Point Cleansing System


Mar 7, 2014 Skincare 0 Comments

I have lost count of the number of beauty gadgets I own that are stuck at the back of cupboards, that I usually find long after the novelty has worn off, and then have to spend half an hour trying to prise manky batteries out of, only to end up dumping the whole lot in the bin.

I can’t promise that my new-found Olay exfoliator won’t someday suffer the same fate, however, at the moment I love it! I’ve had mixed results with Olay products. I found their scrubby cleanser too creamy and not scrubby enough, their eye cream was ok, and I quite liked their day cream. It’s not at the top of my to buy list, but I don’t mind using their products if they are on offer, or if purchasing them will result in hundreds of advantage card points.

Pleasantly surprised…

So, to the cleansing system. The box contains a fairly mild looking round brush gadget, and a small tube of skin perfecting cleanser. I first tried the cleanser on its own, without using the gadget. It surprised me, having previously been disappointed with Olay’s exfoliating cleanser, this one proved to be a pleasant surprise. It really felt like it was working to scrub away dead skin cells, and contained a decent amount of scrubby particles. I then tried it using the brush. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. The brush is fairly soft, and has two-speed settings, neither of which appeared to be fast enough to work up a good lather.

I followed the instructions, and spend a good couple of minutes whizzing the brush all over my face. I stuck to the fast speed, and it felt like it was really getting to work exfoliating my skin. I then rinsed it off, and dried my face, then waited a while before moisturising. I was amazed by how soft and smooth my skin felt, I was really impressed. I know these things can be a hassle to add to an already long beauty regime, but I will definitely be adding this to mine two or three times a week as it has made such a difference to my skin. I’m a fan of anything that banishes winter skin, and this definitely does. Olay, please bring out a body version!

Has anyone else tried this or any other face gizmos they love?

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