Review | This Works: Turbo Balm 10g

This Works Turbo Balm 10g

This is available at Zuneta!

Kathy Phillips launched This Works in 2004 and her aromatherapy products have won many accolades since their entrance to the beauty world. She has contributed to and edited what seems like every high end beauty publication out there.  Her list of credentials is a mile long and she’s won several awards for her contribution to the beauty industry. With this in my mind I thought my review for this much hyped product would be easy to write.

The balm has a faint smell of rose which is pleasant. The box and packaging are well made so it felt like I was getting quite a treat. Well what can I say. I don’t get it. I used it as recommended for two weeks on my lips, elbows, and any other dry patches I could find no matter how microscopic and nothing amazing happened. Maybe you need to have really really dry lips and other bits to notice a difference.  Maybe because it’s an aromatherapy product it’s not supposed to hit you over the head with excitement. Maybe I’m not This Works target audience. While this tiny pot looks good, travels well and smells nice I can’t over the fact that it appeared to do nothing for me. Having said this it will not put me off reviewing other This Works products.


Cocoa butter, Tahitian Monoi, Rose Oil

The Good

  • Nice packaging
  • Delicate fragrance
  • 100% natural ingredients

The Bad

  • Quite pricey


I don’t think I’m Turbo Balm’s intended client. However as this is an aromatherapy product it will no doubt be beneficial for others.

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