Review revisit – Good Things Skincare Bright Eyes Eye Cream 15ml

Review revisit – Good Things Skincare Bright Eyes Eye Cream 15ml

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Back in July I wrote a quick overview about the Bright Eyes Eye Cream. I just wanted to share my thoughts with you now that I’ve been using it for a few months.

As this is formulated for younger skin I wasn’t expecting it to really make any difference to my skin (turned 40 in August). I’m lucky, in that so far I don’t have many wrinkles around my eye area but it does have a tendency to be rather dry especially around the sides going up to my eyebrow. I’ve always just put extra face moisturiser on this area but it then makes my eye makeup greasy and didn’t make much difference anyway. I know now that the eye area needs it’s own cream that has a lighter formulation.

Bright Eyes, which contains lychee to support the delicate skin on the eye area, has really done wonders for the dry skin around my eye area. I’m not one for fiddling around with loads of creams and stuff in the morning but because of the results I’ve had, I always make sure I put this on. The nozel at the end of the tube is the perfect applicator. I never end up with too much which is probably why it has lasted so long. So this is not only works well, it’s also a bargain at £5.99! This is also suitable for Vegans.

This is available at Boots!

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