Review | Mario Badescu Strawberry Face Scrub 113g

Mario Badescu Strawberry Face Scrub 113g

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Mario Badescu Skin Care always seems to be linked celebrities. As you know this is not always the best way to judge a beauty product. The website boasts an impressive roster of tinseltown’s finest. This is not why I bought this though, I was enticed by the name of the product picturing crushed strawberries in a jar.

Well I was sort of right about the idea I had in my head. It is a jar of strawberry seeds floating in what looks and smells  like strawberry yoghurt. I haven’t missed the fact that it says ‘non-abrasive’ scrub so I wasn’t expecting it to be like sandpaper. The texture is lovely and creamy and it smells wonderful. The strawberry seeds would offer great exfoliation but there isn’t enough of them to make a difference (to me anyway). This face scrub is a concoction conundrum. If it were just a creamy gentle cleanser then it would work but add the strawberry seeds and it just becomes annoying. I have a feeling this is intended for individuals who have really dry skin and those who cannot tolerate too much exfoliation.

Good Stuff

  • Smells and feels like strawberry yoghurt
  • Non-irritating

Bad Stuff

  • Won’t be rough enough for some
  • Difficult to rinse off need toner afterwards


This one isn’t for me but someone with really dry skin would probably benefit from the cooling sensation of the creamy texture and the gentle action of the strawberry seeds.

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