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Crazy Rumors Perk Coffee Bean Lip Balm 4.2g

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Update! You can now buy this and other Crazy Rumors flavours at SuperSmoocher!

Crazy Rumors is a small but perfectly formed partnership of husband and wife team of Brian and Edie Himmel of Brooklyn, New York. They have combined natural products with a fun theme and came up with lovely lip balm that is Vegan and Cruelty Free. Not many companies would take the time to make sure they tick of the ethical boxes but this sincere couple have and hats off to them!

Why I bought it

I jumped up and down when this arrived to me at work as I couldn’t wait to use it. I am constantly losing lip balms so I probably have a few scattered around the house but I thought I should really get another just in case the others didn’t turn up. None of the males in the office could understand why anyone would want their lips to smell like coffee except one colleague who loves coffee and he said he’d be more than happy if his wife tasted of his favourite drink. I have to say this lip balm does last longer than most and I really thought it would just be another flavoured lip balm but it glides on easily and is the perfect treat after using Sara Happ Lip Scrub. It isn’t greasy and doesn’t add colour so would be perfect for pre-lippy application. Jamie was also happy to kiss me after I used it siting the texture wasn’t off putting and smelled lovely.


The lip balms come in other ‘Perk’ coffee flavours, Amaretto, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Irish Cream and Mocha. But for you tea drinkers out there don’t fret they’ve made a Vegan and Cruelty Free lip balm for you too! The ‘Brew’ range consists of Apple Spice, Bergamont, Peach, Lemongrass, Apricot and Spice Chai. They also have other ranges that don’t seem to be available in the UK yet but I shall let you know when they are! Happy kissing everyone!


Carnauba Wax, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Shea Butter

Ideal for

  • Vegans/Vegetarians
  • Those looking for cruelty-free beauty products
  • Anyone who loves the smell of coffee


I have to lose this one so I can buy some more!

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emma watsonJanuary 8, at 8:10 am

i have just started using think the brew & perk are fun tasty & a pleasure to use & keep your lips smooth soft & nourished *


Jane AlvesSeptember 18, at 8:58 pm

I found a site selling Crazy Rumours too and I could not agree more the are delicious plus they sell Lip Smackers Coco Cola Vanilla so I was spoilt for choice Check it!


Jane AlvesSeptember 18, at 9:00 pm

The site I forgot to mention oops! check it out its brill!


September 18, at 9:22 pm

Thanks for the information Jane!


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