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Burner Balm Fat Burner Energy Lip Balm Pomegranate 4.9g

Okay how could I resist this one. A lip balm that claims to burn fat and suppress my appetite. I’ve spent loads more on other things that claim the same thing so why not try this. Manufactured by Advanced Cosmetic Research Laboratories for Pacific Shore Holdings Inc. it is the endeavour of Dr. Allan Kurtz. I don’t know about you but the name of the company sounds similar to ‘Cayman Island Offshore Holding Coporation’ which is the stamp that Krusty the Clown uses to endorse the cheque Bart gives him. Now I’m not saying that the owner of Pacific Shore Holdings Inc. is run by Krusty the Clown it’s just merely an observation.


This looks like any run of the mill lip balm with the standard cap and  banner around the tube. I chose pomegranate over the other flavours as I thought it might a little different. It does smell nice but unfortunately that’s where the pleasure ends. I expected it to just glide on like any normal lip balm and it does but the texture is gritty. The grittyness does seem to melt after a few minutes but it isn’t pleasant. It’s not dissimilar to when you put on gooey lip gloss and every little bit of dirt and fluff sticks to it. The balm itself also feels quite greasy. I think you would have to use this under lipstick but I think it would make it slide around.

What happened next

Well actually nothing happened. I used it for two weeks and I didn’t notice a change in my energy levels nor do I feel that it suppressed my appetite and believe me I wished it would have. I don’t know if I should have used the product longer, there doesn’t seem to be any information about how quickly you will see results. However with any product of this nature individual results my vary. I suppose it would work better in tandem with a fitness regime and balanced diet of which I have neither at the moment. Like everyone else I thought I could scoff as many Grande Mocha’s I wanted and still get away with it. Fat Chance!

Good Points

  • Contains active ingredients
  • Nice smell
  • Not expensive

Bad Points

  • Texture is unpleasant
  • Does not absolve you of exercise and eating properly


I’m not convinced it’s for me but it may well work for others


Hoodia Extract, Chromium Picolinate, Caffeine, Green Tea Extract

This is available at HQhair!

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  1. Debbie G says:

    I’ve been on a strict, nutritionist-monitored diet which requires me to leave 5 hours between meals. Normally, not picking all day would be unheard-of for me as I’d be ravenous after 3 hours. I don’t know whether this is psychological or whether there really is something remarkable in these little tubes but I haven’t gone hungry at all. I’ve now lost 21 lbs. In fact, I don’t really care if it is all in the mind, as being able to follow a strict regime without hunger is a first for me. It could have been my body’s natural serotonin kicking in or it could be the secret ingredients in Burner Balm. Who knows? Who cares, I’ve lost 21lbs! Many thanks for a great little beauty product!

    Debbie G, Lecturer, London UK

  2. thanks for this review

  3. Carla says:

    It did not work at all it is just normal lip balm in a tube. Don’t buy it it is a waste of money.

  4. I won’t be buying this anytime soon!

  5. Gave me a nice feeling but don’t know what long term effects I will see.

  6. Mark Adams says:

    I love this stuff! I have been using it and I am not snacking anymore, meal sizes have shrunk and I am slimming down……….

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