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Bliss Fat Girl Scrub 248g

August 31, 2009

in Body Scrubs

Bliss-FatGirlScrub_6170D1DCbuy-buttonFAT. Along with all the other obvious (and worse) swear words that you normally hear in the school yard the word ‘Fat’ can stop you in your tracks. You don’t care if someone calls your mum a drunk or if someone accuses your dad of being a dole scrounger,but if someone calls you fat you run for the hills and swear you’ll only eat 3 grapes tomorrow instead of your usual 6. When did this 3 letter word gain so much power? Power to instill fear in most of the women on the planet and some men to a lesser degree. In previous centuries being well rounded was a sign of wealth. Now the skinnier you are the richer you must be because you see dear reader if you are fat you must be living off a daily menu of McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut whilst also consuming the entire biscuit aisle at Tesco’s instead of dining in an eye wateringly expensive restaurant that shall serve you something resembling a wilted gherkin slice. You know that kind you get in McDonald’s hamburgers!


With all this in mind I was quite intrigued by Bliss’ name for their latest body scrub which is soo un PC for 2009. The jar tells me I can scrub away my visible ‘blub’. I would have thought anyone with blub would just hide it away under a big jumper. Having been extremely happy with my Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Sugar Scrub I hoped this would follow suit.

This product is quite different. The smell reminds me of  toothpaste which I wasn’t keen on. The scrub itself which contains 60% Himalayan Pink Salt has a sticky tacky texture. I was expecting it to glide on but it is quite concentrated. You also need to stir it up as the oil pools at the top. The scrubbing action is okay but I felt something was amiss. I decided to try my FG scrub again on my blubby left leg and the Blood Orange Scrub on my blubby right leg to compare.  Both legs looked well scrubbed when everything finally rinsed off but I preferred the feeling and texture of the Blood Orange Scrub to the FG. I think I was expecting FG scrub to be mega-hardcore. I don’t know about you but my blub needs a bulldozer to shift so I was expecting more from this. I personally think I can get the same results from the Blood Orange scrub. I would say this is a moderate scrub due to the oil content prevented me from getting a more vigorous pelting.

This product is a further extension to the Bliss war on cellulite range which includes Fat Girl Slim and Fat Girl Sleep.


  • Helps reduce stagnant fluids that contribute to cellulite
  • Cooling sensation lasts afterwards
  • Paraben Free


  • Oily texture
  • Tub is smaller than other Bliss scrub products


Packaging too pink, don’t like the texture or smell. Not one of my faves. I would also hide this in the bathroom cabinet from any snooping frenemies or dates. It’s the 2009 equivalent of someone finding your girdle and support hose!


Pink Himalayan Salts, Red Algae, Grapefruit Extract

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