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Beauty to the Maxx with Refinery Face Scrub

I always love finding a bargain at TK Maxx and it’s even better when it’s something I would actually use. My local TK which is about 2 minutes down the road from where I work, has turned up quite a few treasures lately such as c.Booth skincare and Borghese Fango Mud which I have yet to chirp about.

This box was staring at me from underneath the after-Christmas sale rubble about two months ago and I had to get it. I’ve never heard of Refinery skincare but I looked on the interweb after my purchase to find it is a high end men’s range. And the RRP is £19.00 so I really got a bargain. I do wonder how these things end up at TK.

Even though this may seem dull grey coloured packaging I think it’s a fantastic design. Because the tube is flat you can get out every last bit and it has a nozzle which helps you get just enough scrub and comes out in a snakey uniform way. I don’t know why that is so good – it just is! The sleek packaging also makes it easy to take to the gym or an overnight bag even though its a full size product.

After using this several times I’ve realised this is a cheaper ‘dupe’ of Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste which is (ouch) £31.00. It has the same texture and smell and doesn’t strip your skin. And no matter how hard you scrub with this, and believe me I tried, it doesn’t scratch or irritate your skin. The scrubby bits are jojoba beads but they aren’t those tiny wimpy ones, these have more substance to them. This also contains bitter orange flower water and kaolin clay.

I like using this on my neck and decolletage area too so I wouldn’t say this is specific for men even though it’s a men’s brand. The guys have been using our stuff for years now so I don’t see why we can’t use theirs!

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  1. Sultry Red says:

    haha, yes steal mens stuff. I use a mans ‘perfume’ because I prefer the smell of it. If I worked 2mins from a TKMaxx I would never ever have any money ever again. My nearest one is (safely) about an hour away. Though I think I’m going to have to go visit again soon.

  2. says:

    @Sultry Red – I can’t believe the stuff that my TK gets, especially the makeup. I nearly went in yesterday but I crossed the road instead, I can always find something to buy.

  3. Sultry Red says:

    Alas my local TKMaxx is in Cardiff centre so I think the good stuff goes fast there.. :’(

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