Quick review – True Blue Spa Face Scrubs

Quick review – True Blue Spa Face Scrubs


Mar 6, 2012 Skincare , , 4 Comments

Now if you aren’t American you maybe thinking True Blue Who? For those of you who don’t know True Blue Spa is a line from Bath & Body Works that has skincare/bodycare and other items for getting you nicely buffed and preened. One of my favourite all time scrubs came from this range which was then discontinued but we won’t go into that here as I think I’ve given enough blog space to it already.

So anywway when I was in the US last year I did a bit of a haulage B&BW which means I grabbed everything I could that I hadn’t seen before. Obvioulsy there is no logic to shopping this way but going into B&BW usually results in a frenzy that can’t be controlled – many have tried to control me and have failed miserably. So I ended up with a few bits from the TBS range and today I’m talking about the face scrubs.

Apricot & White Tea Supremely Smoothing Face Scrub (left swatch)

Apricot/Peach scrubs have been done to death and this isn’t much different. I think the scent smells more natural rather than a fake Apricot scent and this foams up rather than being a creamy concoction. The grainage on this scrub is small and plentiful and fairly non-scratchy. I have found this doesn’t rinse very well if you are just splashing water on your face, I’ve had to take it off with a face cloth and still end up with some in the corners of my nose and eyebrows. While this isn’t horrible, I don’t think it’s that special either. However it has great reviews on the B&BW website from other customers so what do I know right?

Peppermint Really Refreshing Face Scrub (right swatch)

I knew this was going to be an issue, while I like peppermint body scrubs I’m not that keen on peppermint skincare. So why did you buy this in the first place you dolt I can hear you say!  Well you know how it goes, you get all excited and then bam two of them are in your shopping basket along with the millions of other things. This isn’t as thick as the other scrub and is more of a smooth exfoliating paste. And like the scene in Mean Girls when Cady Heron gives Regina George that special face cream, it will make your face smell like a foot!

I have another full size unused Peppermint Face Scrub to giveaway. If you are interested drop me an email at skinscrubs@gmail.com telling me your favourite quote/scene from Mean Girls. I’ll see how many emails I get then select a winner – open to international readers too!


  • ihavemostlybeen
    Mar 6, 2012 at 11:24 am Reply

    I am so glad it’s not just me! I decided last week I needed the Champneys Watermint shower gel in my life, whilst knowing that I hate mint scented products! I even stood in front of the display smelling the tube, trying to decide whilst thinking “yuk that stinks” it was only when the minty smell made me start to feel a bit sick that I woke up to what I was doing and bought the Citrus Blush instead which is delicious! I’ll skip this face scrub if thats ok! xx

    1. Mar 10, 2012 at 5:52 pm Reply

      I totally understand. Mint makes me want to heave too! I had a peppermint body scrub years ago from B&BW and I could tolerate that but it smelled more like sweeties. Glad good sense came over you and you got a shower gel that will actually get used! :D

  • Ms Red
    Mar 9, 2012 at 3:45 pm Reply

    I love brands I’ve not heard of before and I do need a new scrub but saying that I’m not sure on mint for the face… I think feet when I think mint.


    1. Mar 10, 2012 at 5:53 pm Reply

      Most people do, so this probably wasn’t the best idea that B&BW have come up with! xoxo

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