Quick review – Lacote Guam Fangocrema Dren for swollen legs and buttocks

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Quick review – Lacote Guam Fangocrema Dren

by on July 24, 2012 · 0 commentsEvery summer without fail my legs and feet swell up from the heat. Now I know we’ve not had much ‘heat’ of late but nonetheless there is a bit of puffiness going on – it’s not a pretty sight so I won’t be showing you any pictures.I love the Lacote Guam Alga Scrub which I reviewed almost two years ago now and it was one of the best body scrubs I’ve never used, so I thought I would give another of their products a go. On the packaging says this is described as a mud for swelling on the legs and buttocks, I’ve never had swollen buttocks before have you? Maybe it’s a big problem in Italy? Anyway this helps to reduce swelling due to water retention in the skin tissue by drawing out the excess water and waste through the skin overnight so that your pins and backside look slimmer in the morning.As you can see from the picture above this is a lovely, blue green gelatinous goo that isn’t very mud like at all. It dries fairly quickly and feels cool on the skin so in that respect perfect for hot heavy summer legs. Now it would have been a miracle if this would have worked and sadly I’ve not seen a difference in the swelling of my legs and feet. There was residue left on my skin in the morning that is supposed to be the ‘salt’ that has been drawn out of my skin but I suspect it’s just the product itself having dried overnight.On the positive side it did make my skin really soft, and has a lovely fresh scent to fall asleep to although Jamie said it smelled like Febreeze which I can assure you it doesn’t! I will keep using it the rest of the summer but I doubt I would repurchase it, £31.50 is a bit much to make the bed sheets smell nice!If you want to have a go yourself you can find this and other Lacote Guam products at Bath & Unwind.

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