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Project 5 pan – Bobbi Brown

by on September 3, 2012 · 1 comment

Okay so I’ve had these Bobbi Brown makeup bits for like for-evah! I always say that I’m going to use them and then they slosh around in my humble little makeup box for an age until I dig them out again. I don’t wear makeup on a regular basis which is why I 95% of the time blog about skincare and bath & body stuffs. However I’m sick of watching all these great products pass me by while I’m stuck with Bobbi. I don’t believe in throwing something away if there is nothing wrong with it, and because I can already see the pan on two of the products it makes sense to just get through this lot so I can move on in life. So here’s what’s in the firing line:

Power Blush in Desert Rose & Sand Pink – These are a dull matte finish which a lot of Bobbi’s blushers tend to be. They don’t have any flecks of gold/rose to make them look more interesting so these have always been worn for work. I think these are the two most boring blusher colours ever – lord knows why I bought them!

Pressed Powder Sunny Beige – I think this might be a slightly too dark for my face but I’ve had a good go with it. I never use the puff thing that it comes with, I’ve always used a brush to dig out the powder which why I’ve probably hit pan on it already.

Creamy Concealer Kit in Ivory with Sheer Finish Loose Powder in Pale Yellow – You know I’ve had this a long time as they changed the packaging last year which now has the powder and concealer side by side. I can see why they revamped this – the powder in the shaker on the bottom goes everywhere!

Foundation Stick in Warm Ivory – I prefer my foundations in stick format but unfortunately they are a rare breed which is why I’ve stuck with this for so long. I have seen that Kiko and Makeup Forever do stick versions so they might be my next stop when this finishes.

So what are the rules? Well as I don’t buy makeup on a regular basis I don’t have to ban myself from doing so, but I want to finish this stuff by the end of the year or before ideally. Unfortunately I reckon the blushers will be the last to go so if you see someone walking around Nottingham looking like a tranny that’ll be me!

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    Ashley September 8, 2012 at 2:06 am

    I can definitely see you finishing the foundation stick and pressed powder but those blushes do look a bit more challenging. But what’s a Project 5 Pan without the challenge, right? Good luck!