Posts you may have missed

Posts you may have missed….

One of the things I’ve enjoyed about blogging has been doing ‘guest posts’ for other blogs. This gives me an opportunity to blog to a different audience, write in a different style and obviously helps my blog get more well known.

I’ve done two for Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog which you can read below:

Molton Brown Hand Wash and Body Scrub

C. Booth Volcanic Mud Mask

I’ve also contributed to a Canadian blog Cinnamon Kitten and will do more posts for Stephanie this year:

Dead Sea Spa Magik Mild Exfoliant

Jurlique Love Balm

And last but not least I’ve done one my ’s Beauty Tips posts for Adriana at Gloss Boudoir. She translated into Spanish for her Mexican blog.

Scooby Doo Where Are You – Beauty Tips from Daphne

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