Paperchase Love Print Boxes

Kawaii love from Paperchase xoxo

I’ve been avoiding Paperchase for the last few months because I always ALWAYS find something to buy. I haven’t bought any of the little ‘Maytryoshka’ boxes from Food Friends or Pantry Peepers but the Love Print drew me in. These are cute little snack boxes that stack into each other. So if you like bring fruit or nuts to snack on at work these are perfect.

This is the second box

This is the third box

And last but not least is this little cutie. I also got some cute puffy stickers from this collection. Don’t ask me how old I am! These snack boxes are a mere £7 so if your fella is saying he’s short of cash for Valentine’s Day tell him to get over to Paperchase pronto. The only caveat (big word) I would put on these boxes is that they better for dry food such as nuts, possibly a sandwich. I wouldn’t go filling them will liquids as the lids don’t lock down and you’ll end up with a handbag full of soup!

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  1. Lucy says:

    I love Paperchase – I was looking at the heart shaped tupperware one with the same design as that but I might be a bit sneaky and wait til after valentines day as everything goes in the sale after then :-)

  2. MsWedgie says:

    Awww, they’re too cute!! I’m on a self imposed Paperchase ban!! It’s way too easy to spend an absolute fortune in there!! :)

  3. says:

    @Lucy I know I was thinking the same thing about waiting for it but I’ve done that before only to find they have shipped stuff to another store to consolidate all the merchandise!!!! x

    @MsWedgie I know right! Even though everything is relatively cheap if you buy one or two things but I’ve laid down £100 in there before without knowing what happened! lol x

  4. Fee says:

    Soo cute, think I will have to get the set to put in all my nail supplies like nail clippers and cotton pads!

    Very handy & a good price.

    Fee x

  5. says:

    Thanks for giving me a good idea of what to do with these! Jamie wasn’t convinced that I would use them for work as they are too cute. x

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